Un’azienda irlandese nella prossima Happy Hour Tecnica

Continuano le Happy Hours Tecniche del giovedì presso la Fenice sotto la Galleria del Popolo a Mirandola

Il prossimo incontro sarà il 16.06.2016 alle ore 18.00 dal titolo: “Eliminating Acoustic Noise & maximising Medical System Reliability with Convection Cooled Modular Power Supplies”.

L’azienda che farà la presentazione si chiama Excelsys ed è irlandese (www.excelsys.com).

Il relatore sarà Conor Duffy, ecco una sua presentazione:

Conor Duffy is an Honours Electronic Engineering Graduate and also have an MSc in Technology Management. He manages the European Sales at Excelsys Technologies for the past 5 years.

Excelsys Technologies has over 20 years experience as a leading power supply manufacturer and designer of high power density, high efficiency power supplies for a variety of specialist markets including Medical, Industrial, Communications and Military. In the Medical field we supply the worlds leading manufacturers of equipment including; Diagnostic Equipment, Medical Lasers, Medical Imaging, Dialysis Equipment, Analysers, Skin Treatment, Robitic Surgery. Carrying full EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 approvals, including the latest 3rd & 4th edition standards, 150uA leakage current, and 4kV isolation.

The Conor’s presentation of 16.06.16, is related to their next generation platform called CoolX. It is the worlds only 600W Convection Cooled Modular Solution – it is absolutely 100% UNIQUE and is the most advanced product they have ever released. It was designed specifically to meet tomorrows requirements from Medical System Designers. Conor will outline the research behind it and the design challenges. He will also outline how it can simplify the job of your audience….through future-proofed certifications, increased reliability etc