31 Maggio Webinar “Bringing your Technology to China: Use Patents or Trade Secrets?”

31 Maggio dalle ore 10:00 alle 11:00 si terrà un seminario online dal titolo Bringing your Technology to China: Use Patents or Trade Secrets?” organizzato dal China IPR SME Helpdesk.

Il webinar sarà tenuto in lingua inglese ed è completamente gratuito, durerà 45 minuti e sarà seguito da 15 minuti di Q&A live.

Tutti coloro interessati a partecipare potranno registrarsi al seguente link per accedere alla piattaforma:


Many European SMEs are keen to come to China to enter China’s domestic market, establish R&D, engage in cooperative development, take advantage of a skilled work force, establish suppliers, and develop long-term partnerships in China. In order to achieve this, they are often willing to ‘transfer’ their key technology and designs to Chinese subsidiaries of European firms, joint-venture partners, or Chinese manufacturing and service companies. One of the challenges facing European companies coming to China is devising creative solutions to minimize the risk to their IP associated with such technology transfers.

On Wednesday, 31 May 2017, you are welcome to join Helpdesk expert Mr. Charles Feng for a China IPR SME Helpdesk webinar session Bringing your Technology to China: Use Patents or Trade Secrets?. Mr. Feng will give a detailed overview to European SMEs about how to protect your IP whilst bringing technology to China focusing on:

  • Overview of patent protection in China
  • Overview of trade secrets protection in China
  • Pros and cons of relying on patents/trade secrets
  • Expert tips on how to develop a comprehensive IP protection strategy whilst bringing technology to China
  • Case studies involving European companies

This free of charge web-based seminar is composed of a 45-minute expert presentation, where Mr. Feng will take you through a range of simple, cost-effective measures to protect your company against IP infringements in China. This will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session where all our participants can pose questions to the expert.
Language: English